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PLEASE NOTE.. Regretably this Pistol Club has now shut down .. We had hoped to re-open later in 2014 at a new location.. but unfortunatly we have not been able to find a new location to continue our club as we would wish.
St.Fagans Iron Plate Speed Shooting and Practical Pistol Club was originally formed early 2013, by a small group of enthusiasts based in St. Fagans, Cardiff.
We are a pistol shooting club formed to promote sportsmanship, competition and training in marksmanship and competitive pistol speed shooting. 
Along with various pistol shooting disciplines the club also shoots pistol IPSS (Iron Plate Speed Shooting) or IPAS (Iron Plate Action Shooting). This is the UK equivalent to the The International Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships (IPSC) which is shot using small-bore firearms (which were banned in the UK in 1997). Hence the UK version named IPAS or IPSS and now shot with Co2 gas powered pistols (which themselves used to require a firearms certificate up until 1997) but the targets and layouts are almost identical to the IPSC worldwide.
In IPSS we shoot at a number of steel plate targets, from 3 to 5 normally, set up in various configurations and at varying distances, usually from approx. 8m out to approx.16m.  These steel plates are usually around centre mass size.. and your shots are recorded with an electronic timer. We also have moving (on wheels), rotating/radial and swinging pendulum targets to make things a bit more difficult (and more fun!), and 'Target Trees' where you can go head to head with another shooter in a speed and accuracy test. Or you can just shoot paper score card targets. A couple of members have shot the 5 plates in the 'Smoke N Hope'  stage format in under 2.5sec's from a Tyro start (unholstered), the current record for this particular layout of targets is 1.84sec's from a holstered start.. but Co2 will always be a bit slower. The skill is in developing the shooters speed with accuracy - you gotta be fast!.. but you also gotta be accurate!.. you must have both to succeed in this sport. Take a look here..
New members welcome.. Please apply using the 'Contact us' page on this website or send an email to   Please note.. Due to the restrictions and complications of the current UK Firearms Laws our minimum age for membership is 18yrs. except in special circumstances at the discretion of the commitee.
Decision on memberships is final and no discussion will be entered into.
We are a 'members only' club so casual shooters cannot just turn up to shoot. We are allowed a max. of 2 'guests' at any one session for 1 visit.. so if you wish to attend and see what it's all about, and maybe have a shoot prior to joining, you will need to let us know beforehand.. thro' this website contact page or via the email address shown above. 
We have 2 x 10 shot magazine revolvers for hire with belts/holsters, one using iron sights and the other fitted with a red laser, and if you like it you will need to join up and take out the insurance.. e.g. BASA only £17.95 a year or similar.. such as BASC or CcC3 etc.. proof of valid insurance will be required before you can shoot again.
We shoot all types of sub.6flb pistols.. in .177cal. and .22cal. also 4.5mm copper coated lead BB's, no larger, and NO steel sorry. The copper coated lead BB's in 4.5mm are now stocked, at my request, by Martin Bale at Bale's Gunshop in Richmond Road, Cardiff (£12.99 per 1,000). Martin is now also stocking the full range of Sportsmarketing/Cybergun range of pistols and Tanfoglio Race Guns at very competitive prices.. and Club members get 10% discount too!  see  The Umarex range of pistols inc. the Umarex Race Gun, Walther CP88, Colt 1911, Beretta 92FS, Smith & Wesson revolvers etc. are available from Nigel at Sportsmans Gun Centre in Newport, and if you ask nicely Nigel can do a very good price on the Umarex range.. see their website here..
Members are eligible to enter Open National IPAS competitions and some are full IPAS members also (optional). It is hoped that we may soon be able to field a team at these national events  and we already have our logo'd club polo shirts ready! (see gallery).
The best fun you can have with your pant's on!.



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